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"Kim Weitkamp continues to show us why she is one of America's most endeared storytellers. The wonderfully talented storyteller and singer/songwriter, Kim Weitkamp, masterfully weaves her two crafts together in this release. Kim turns tracks of an album into chapters of a book by alternating storytelling tracks with original songs, engaging her listeners with both story and to-taping tunes."

Ralph Taylor: Host of the Chattahoochee Folk Hour

Recorded Live at the Midnight Cabaret/National Storytelling Festival

The Ballad of Ronnie Calloway (digital)

  • 1. Blackberry Blossom (pre show)

    2. Introduction (Barbara McBride Smith)

    3. Lizzy 4:48

    4. Sometimes I Dream 3:49

    5.Mimosa 8:51

    6. Take What You Want 2:38

    7. Ronnie Calloway 3:52

    8. Full Bellied Moon 3:37

    9. Texas & Pacific Railroad 8:06

    10. Hard Times & Cold Stone 5:51

    11. Headed Home 2:39

    12. Dead Man Walking 2:09

    13. I Do 10:58

    14. Mama Said 2:40

    15. Lily 1:45

    16. Picket Fences 2:21

    17. Elizabeth 5:01

    18. Sometimes I Dream 3:59

    19 Angeline the Baker (post show)

    Produced by Kim Weitkamp Executive Producer Andy Irwin Recorded Live by Keith Smith (EKS Sound) at the National Storytelling Festival, Jonesborough, TN Lovingly edited, mixed and mastered by Chris Rosser (Hollow Reed Arts) Story and songs writtne and performed by Kim Weitkamp except for Blackberry Blossom and Angeline the Baker (public domain) and Hard Times & Cold Stone/Sometimes I Dream by Michael Reno Harrell. Thanks to the Broken Bucket Band: Danielle Bishop, Michael Reno Harrell, Steve Bradshaw, and Danny Bishop

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