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"If we are talking rock and roll, Tina Turner was a national treasure; country has Dolly Parton and in the world of storytelling,
we have Kim Weitkamp."
Steve Perry, Highway 89, Sirius XM

kim weitkamp


// spoken word

"Singular characters, fantastic situations and heartfelt wisdom. All the best that a storyteller can offer. "

Williamsburg Theater

"Your masterful performance has awakened the mind of at least one literary student to the power of storytelling as an undeniably accessible form of human art."

Justin Kelly/BYU
Timpanogos Festival



// guitar and vocals


"A voice like warm honey. 

...Kim studs her storytelling performances with bits of music Americana that match the sweet tones of her narratives."

The Oregonian

"I’ve been at this singer/songwriter business a very long time. To hear someone with Kim’s talent for the craft is so rare that I can count them on my toes."

Michael Reno Harrell – Singer/Songwriter


// ignite

"You are a consummate performer and speaker but more importantly a bright light!  I have had nothing but rave reviews, the response has been incredible and I have even been congratulated for bringing you in to speak!"

Dr. Loretta Ramos -

Fresno College, CA

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// growth


"Kim Weitkamp has been referred to as a storyteller and a leadership coach. For me, she was quite literally my inspiration.  I and my entire leadership team were entranced . She demonstrated skillfully how to use “storytelling” to lead, to connect with your employees, and yes – to inspire.

Rodney E. Gaddy

VP, Administrative Services

Duke Energy

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as heard on

the basics by Annie Laughman

Kim Weitkamp grew up in Amish Country as the middle child of exhausted parents. Labeled by teachers as high-spirited, uncooperative and too talkative, Kim took those comments and channeled them into a lifetime of

high-energy, heartfelt and hilarious artistry. We are better for it. 

She is an award winning storyteller, author, singer-songwriter and humorist. After using applied storytelling in her work with adjudicated and at risk youth for 12 years, Kim took a turn onto a different avenue of story and song which led her down the path of full time touring for the last 15 years where she gathered an armload of awards.


She performs regularly at festivals and theaters around the country, has written a well received folk operetta and has been a guest editor and contributor for various publications.  Kim's material gets regular airplay on Sirius XM and NPR Affiliate Stations.


She has 8 award winning albums, has produced and/or designed  32 albums for other performers and has  hosted a morning show for a DOVE Award winning radio network. She has been honored with leadership and speaking awards for her coaching/speaking work with internationally known companies like  Purina, Leibherr, Grifols, and Edward Jones as well as nationally recognized non-profits like, Feeding America, Habitat for Humanity and Conflict Resolution Centers.  She is ranked as one of the top 20 business coaches in the Columbus, Ohio region by Influence Digest,  teaching the power of story to help  grow organizations and build teams. you know all of the hoopla. But what is it that really matters to Kim?  I asked her:

"Story is at the foundation of all I do. Whether I am making an audience laugh, writing a new song or presenting a keynote, story is the springboard for each and every step I take.  I share and teach the art of storytelling with great intention. Why? Because I have witnessed, firsthand, its incredible power."

You can learn more about Kim by visiting the Press page, or if you want to learn more about her consulting/coaching or keynotes go to .


If you want to make direct contact or book Kim for a show or event, feel free to email me at: or You can also call me, Annie, directly at the office at 540.254.0246.

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