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"These eerie stories, spiced with rich detail and unique imagery, expertly guide listeners on a fear-filled walk through the dark side, where anxious ghosts, divided grave plots, and a cheated death defy mortal sensibilities. Be warned that Weitkamp's cool, silky delivery camouflages its intent. Beneath its sooting surface, horror's share edge lies waiting..."

Linda Goodman, Author and Playwright

Head Bone Rattles

  • 1. Pennsy Cemetary 17:03

    2. Head Bone Rattles 3:31

    3. Silence 22:05

    4. Little Stacy Sue 1:35

    5. Coy Hansen 16:24

    6. Thistle and Weeds 4:50

    Featuring: Doug Elliot, Kelly Steward, Chriss Rosser, Andy Offutt Irwin, Michael Reno Harrell, and Joe Ebel. Thanks to Bil for figuring out the bones on the hidden track.

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