Stories...served chilled.


The ancient art of storytelling meets the dark side. Not your typical ghost stories. Kim writes original stories and songs that provoke thought and build suspense while using humor as a release valve. She takes our hand and leads us around the dark corners of human nature while exploring the possibilities of  other worlds.

These stories and songs are not just for the costumed time of Halloween, they beg to be told all year long as all good stories do.

Oh, and here is the extra treat in this bag; Kim, working side by side with Irish artist, Laura Dowling, has created gorgeous videos and albums using dark and whimsical art to house these creepy tales. Enjoy. 

Kim's latest album of slightly twisted tales has receieved rave reviews!


"Dead Bird Singing is filled with desperate, sorrowful characters inhabiting stories that will raise the hair on your arms.  You’ll love that (I did). But even more, if you’re like me, you’ll love the poetry of this album. It’s a kind of poetry that flies right past in the ephemera of a live show, but in these intimate recordings, you can savor the words like Kim savors them.


On this album, perhaps more than ever, you’ll meet Kim Weitkamp the writer – the wordsmith. You’ll hear her taste each phrase as she writes it, and you’ll taste it too. " 

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